The ECO-Innovation Cluster for SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT consists of businesses, universities, research institutes, public authorities and other catalyst organizations.

Founded in February 2016, CLEMS is oriented towards identifying the strengths and the opportunities in the sector, in order to connect the different stakeholders and to implement collaborative projects in the field of research - development - innovation, with the stated aim to support increased competitiveness of the cluster and of each member, both on national and international levels.

In order to achieve these objectives, CLEMS involves eco-innovation in identifying ways to reduce the organizations’ processes, products and services and of the society’s impact on the environment, in the benefit of its members and with an impact on the society as a whole. Whether it's about finding a more energy-efficient process or a way to address environmental problems or the replacement of a production method with excessive pollution, the applications have a very broad spectrum.

The CLEMS initiative was born as a catalyst for increasing the competitiveness of the eco-innovative sector in Romania and for finding solutions to the challenges that the organizations in this sector confront.

Mission and vision

By the end of 2020, CLEMS expects to become one of the most credible suppliers of eco-innovative of products and services, as well as organizational support systems, in Central and Eastern Europe, giving to its members the opportunity to be competitive in the national and international markets.

Our challenge is to run services and activities aimed at facilitating, promoting and supporting the increase of both the competitiveness of the cluster’s members as well as the national and international economic competitiveness through developing a cooperation framework based on promoting eco-innovation and the eco-efficient technological development, designed to create and ensure a sustainable environment.

Areas of interest

• Integrated systems of water and wastewater treatment

• Advanced technologies for sludge treatment and recovery

• Integrated management of resources from recyclable materials and waste, within the perspective of the circular economy

• Environmental technologies for improving degraded /contaminated soils and the decontamination of polluted sites

• Design and fabrication of eco-materials with controlled properties for solutions to improve indoor and outdoor urban comfort

• Development of alternative energies and increase energy efficiency in urban areas

• Intelligent systems for monitoring, analysis and assessment of the quality of environmental factors

• Other areas of interest for the cluster’s members.