The quality of member of the CLEMS can get any Romanian legal person, through free consent, under the following conditions:

  •  has acquired legal personality in accordance with the legislation in force;
  •  undertakes to comply with the Constitutive Act and the Statute of the cluster, as well as the legal rules governing its activity;
  • addressed to the Board of Directors of the cluster a written request (form);
  • must pay the registration fee.

Financial data:

Cluster Ecoinovativ for a Sustainable Environment (CLEMS)

Str.Park,No.7,Place.Bistrita,County. Bistrita-Nasaud

Tax code: 35980446Cont IBAN: RO07BTRLRONCRT0339287101

Banca Transilvania, Branch Bistrita,

President: Dr. ing.Grigore VLAD

The board of Directors of the CLEMS analyzes the requests of adhesion, for which it may issue or not a favorable opinion. On the basis of the favourable opinion, membership shall be granted by the Board of Directors by the vote of minimum 2/3 of its members

For questions related to how you can become a member CLEMS and about the benefits of membership to the cluster we welcome you to contact us at office@clems.ro or at +4 0722 437 999

Adhesion form : download