The Cluster Eco-innovative for a Sustainable Environment – CLEMS, UTCN, the National Society of Environmental Science and Engineering – SNSIM, the Agency for Environmental Protection Cluj – APM Cluj, the Centre for the Initiation and Organizational Development – CIOS, in partnership with Babeş-Bolyai University, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and the Romanian Agency for the Environment, will organize over the course of two days, under the auspices of the “european Week for waste reduction”, a wide range of activities that come to support their concerns.

The event will take place on 23-24.11.2016, in the time interval 09:00 to 18:00, at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, B-dul. Labour, No. 103-105, Room M14, Cluj-Napoca

The objectives of the event are:

  • Promote education and actions of the entrepreneurship in the circular economy – this year's theme refers to the good management of packaging, and the action falls in the “european Week of waste reduction”, an event held annually and monitored at the level of the european institutions. For the year 2016, the theme of the action is “Reduce packaging waste by using less packaging”;
  • The support of a responsible behaviour of young people who want to come on the market with new goods that are based on the principles of the circular economy and supporting them in developing skills to initiate and manage business, through a proactive management, through interaction with the main stakeholders;
  • The mobilization, in a common platform, so academics, representatives of local public administration authorities, economic operators, citizens and students who are involved in the process of management of packaging and packaging waste, to reduce them, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

For this year's edition, UTCN-CPADDD, SNSIM, APM-Cluj, CLEMS and CIOS and they set out to achieve several events, creating the following program of actions:

  • A. the Conference “Entrepreneurship, business environment and sustainable development – AMDD 2016”, addressed mainly to phd students. In the framework of this action, the presentations of the speaker and will make an analysis from the perspective of specific areas of the circular economy, at the level of public policies, regulatory framework, technical solutions and ways of financing.
  • B. the Student Festival of Entrepreneurship Eco-responsible the students at the level of bachelor, master and phd. It will feature several activities, among which we can enumerate: a contest of business plans eco-responsible, based on the substitution, reduction, reuse and recycling of waste; a round table to facilitate the interaction between entrepreneurs and students with the focus on eco-innovation and waste; presentations of best entrepreneurial practices with an orientation toward eco-responsibility
  • C. Fair entrepreneurial of proper management of packaging addressed to the whole community. In this activity we aspire to open up a road of collaboration between the representatives of the local public administration authorities, economic operators, citizens and students who are involved in the process of management of packaging and packaging waste. It provides, on the one hand, the possibility of exposure to the stands of the goods the participating organisations, coming to meet the students and not only, with solutions eco-innovative waste issues, and on the other hand aims to inform the students at the level of bachelor, master and doctoral thesis on the importance of reducing, reusing, sorting and recycling of waste.

Expected results:

  • Participants: 200 persoane
  • Business plans: 20 idei de afaceri
  • Participating organizations: 30 companii; 4 universităţi; 3 ONG-uri
  • Media: 5 instituţii de presă

Sign up:

For signup access the link:

  • Event – până în data de 15.11.2016, la adresa de e-mail prezentată mai jos.
  • Event B – în cadrul unei platforme se vor înscrie cei care doresc să inițieze o acțiune antreprenorială în domeniul unei bune gestiuni a ambalajelor. Înregistrarea se va realiza linkul alaturat up-to-date 15.11.2016. Simultaneously with this activity, the organizers will request to join as mentors of those who act in the field of remembered. In the period 16 – 17.11.2016, the event organizers will make a first meeting between mentors and contestants, after which it shall establish work teams “mentor – competitor”, with the objective of finalizing the “problem of the entrepreneurial eco-responsible”. Depending on the topic of actions, the organizers will appoint the jury of the competition for the designation of the best proposals entrepreneurial, which will finalize the mode of assessment of them.
  • Event C – până în data de 15.11.2016, la adresa de e-mail prezentată mai jos


În ziua de 23.11.2016, concurenții vor participa la cele trei acțiuni ale evenimentului PLATFORM ENTREPRENEURSHIP OF THE GOOD MANAGEMENT OF PACKAGING IN THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY so: CONFERENCE “AMDD – 2016”, BEST PRACTICES AND TIPS ECO-ENTREPRENEURIAL and CONSULTING INSTITUTIONAL ENTREPRENEURS, acting in the field of sound management of packaging. On the second day, 24.11.2016, the contestants will be evaluated on the presentation of the proposal and entrepreneurial way in which they put in practice the skills of initiating and managing business with focus on eco-responsibility.

The designation of the winners: Prima etapă va fi apreciată de membrii juriului cu o notă care apreciază cunoștințele în domeniul gestiunii ambalajelor. În a doua etapă, evaluarea se va realiza prin trei notări: de către membrii juriului, de către mentori și de către ceilalţi concurenți. Mentorii nu vor aprecia propunerea concurentului consiliat și concurentul nu-și va nota propria realizare. Nota finală va fi calculată ca medie aritmetică a celor patru notări făcute. În cadrul acestei acţiuni vor fi acordate 3 premii: premiul pentru cea mai eco-inovativă idee de afacere, premiul pentru cea mai bună idee de afacere eco-responsabilă şi premiul pentru cea mai bună idee de afacere din perspectivă reducerii deşeurilor.